Our most recent Ferry Flights

2020 and 2021 have been challenging and Aviation is amongst the most drastically affected. However, Computaplane rose to the challenge and this is the story of some of our most recent Ferry Flights

Norwegian registry PA31-310 from Oslo to Seoul during the pandemic.

First challenge was the routing.  Europe and the Middle East posed insurmountable issues due Covid restrictions. Landing permits were often refused and overnight stops were often impossible.  Where you could stop, you had to have a Covid test on arrival and wait 24 hours for result, which meant 2 overnights instead of 1 each time, turning a normal 5 day delivery into 10 days. 

Finally found a routing through Russia all the way.Oslo to St Petersburg where the pilot was to receive a 10 day visa and had to show negative PCR test within previous 72 hours. 

Thereafter, no restrictions whatsoever in Russia, no more tests until arrival S Korea, and no hotel issues. Avgas was available at all planned stops, usually pumped from drums. 

Service provided by our Russian Clearance agent was excellent with everything prepaid except for hotels. The final sector was a difficult and roundabout routing, having to avoid China and N Korea airspace. And Japan was having a military exercise and they routed the aircraft right over Japan, making it an extremely long sector and very close to max fuel endurance. 

The next challenge had been finding a suitably qualified and experienced ferry pilot.  All our regular pilots had EASA Licenses which reverted to UK only from 1 Jan and were unable to fly EASA registered aircraft. Norway was unwilling to grant any validation on UK or FAA license. It took a week going through my large pilot database to find someone acceptable to Norway CAA and the Insurers and who had the time available for the job.  

Bolivian registry 737-300 from Cochabamba, Bolivia to Caracas, Venezuela for a US Leasing Company.  First requirement was a Bolivian licensed and current crew, which took a bit of finding. 

Routing was a straightforward 4 hour flight, requiring only an overflight permit from Brazil.  However, the aircraft had not flown for some time and needed a ferry permit. Maintenance was done and the crew carried out a test flight for the issue of permits from the Bolivian DGAC.  The required paperwork was expected and promised regularly, but never produced.  6 different overflight permits for Brazil were applied for and granted before the final one was used and the paperwork process took 3 weeks after the satisfactory airtest.  The ferry flight itself was simple, the administration was a nightmare, but finally accomplished satisfactorily with the help of a number of different agencies out there and a really obliging crew who had effectively been on standby for a whole month.